Quality Welding Helmet

 BasisTech is a professional OEM/ODM manufacturer of auto-darkening welding helmets. See our video demo here.

We provide welders with better protection for their eyes and make welding jobs much more efficient by supplying quality high-tech welding helmets.

About Us

 We have been in the welding helmet industry for more than ten years and certified with ISO9002. Our products are certified with ANSI Z87.1, CE 379 and CE 175, plus we are the qualified OEM manufacturer for many large welding helmet manufacturers in Europe and U.S.A.
Manufacturer Qualification:  We are ISO 9002 manufacturer certified by BSI(British Standard Institute) . All quality assurance processes ,QA engineers and special test equipments for optical  measurement and reliabilty  guarantee  the high standard QA procedures , including  LCD technology, production, process, production environment, measurement equipment and test labs, professional certificates and management. We have 480 employees with 76,000 SQF factory building and 67 engineers for production, testing, FAE, technical surpport, QA and design.

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